Papilon Savunma, which took its first steps in the sector in 2012 with biometric security software and hardware, started its journey by asking “Who?” It proved his devotion to the peace and welfare of the society and to ensure security in both the judicial and civil fields. The company spent its first years in ensuring the security of critical centers such as correctional facilities, prisons, government buildings, nuclear power plants with fingerprint, iris, face, and footprint based biometric units and superior selection and matching applications, in an effort to safeguard the social rights of citizens and immigrants.

From there, it moved on to produce systems that complement the abilities of biometric units. Especially in criminal investigations, Papilon systems took the experts to the culprit with just a piece of thread, garment, glass, or a low quality CCTV footage. Via these technologies, Papilon produced answers to the question “What?” and took the first step to produce flexible, customizable systems that complement each other.

            Today, Papilon Savunma finds answers to “Where?” with its location detection and tracking technologies, access control, personnel attendance control and remote/fieldwork efficiency measurement systems, In a parallel stream, Papilon is busy with manufacturing answers to “When?” its breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, machine learning and robotics, “How?” looking for answers to hundreds of types of questions. Then it takes all these answers to melt them in a pot of “How?”. It distills all the energy of its bright minds, all the potential of its systems and all power of change and asks; “How can we utilize all these technologies towards human development and welfare, to cure ailments, to control pain, to bring the whole universe within the reach of one person’s sight to ensure meaningful automation that does not steal but increase humans’ quality of life?” or “How to design systems that contribute to a preventive and not punitive  approach to enhance peace?” and many more…

            After all this effort and dedication, there remains only one question to answer: “Why?”

         And our answer is; “To be able look to the future with hope, to nourish all our endeavors with science; the lifeblood of human advancement, to build a spirit of sharing and unity that will make us stronger.”

            For you, for us.