We protect

our animal friends!

Vacc2in plays an active role in the follow-up and application of vaccines, which are of primary importance for the health of our animal friends. Animal owners can follow the vaccination schedule of their pets themselves by downloading Vacc2in and go to the veterinarian when the dates approach. Alternatively, you can match your Vacc2in profile with a veterinarian near you. In this way, your veterinarian records both the vaccines and the doses that your pet should receive for you in your profile, and in addition to the automatic reminders of the system when the vaccination dates are approaching, Your registered veterinarian may reach you through your contact information on your profile and provide you with the necessary reminders. In this way, the health of our dear friends is safe. Veterinarians can view and follow the vaccination schedule of all animals whose profiles are matched with them in the admin panel. Repeated or incorrect dosing is prevented by marking the vaccinations on this calendar. Thanks to this feature, veterinarians can arrange their patients’ vaccination appointments as they wish and create ideal appointment calendars. With the authentication step, the owners are matched with the animals. Thanks to this feature, when stolen or lost animals are brought to the veterinarian by someone else, the situation is noticed and the animals are delivered to their owners.

The health record of your pets is always with you.


Missing vaccination appointment is prevented with automatic reminders.

From the first day we adopt our best friends, their health status is monitored with Vacc2in. In veterinary control, the schedule of vaccinations to be given depending on the age, type and sex of the animal is instantly created. The vaccination schedule is followed in a controlled and secure manner, with the identity of the owner of the animal.


Show the health status of your pets in seconds during travel and holidays.

Your digital vaccination card is always with you, which you can instantly show to the authorities if your pets are transported at the hotel entrances or during travels such as plane, train, bus. With Vacc2in, which eliminates problems caused by forgetfulness or the fast pace of daily life, your pet’s vaccination and health status can be checked all over the world.

Mobile vaccine tracking solution

for herds of livestock.

People who breed and graze livestock can the vaccination schedules of their animals collectively. A special digital vaccination card is created for each animal that is matched with the follow-up number engraved on an ear tag. Multiple reports can be checked by a single person with Vacc2in, and collective reminders are made.