Global Health with

Technological innovations


It ensures that limited resources are used efficiently.

With Vacc2In, the available test kit stock is used wisely, especially in cases of infectious diseases and epidemics, and patient safety is ensured while testing the maximum number of patients is guaranteed. Vaccines used for protection from epidemic diseases are recorded in Vacc2In’s digital vaccine card. In this way, it is determined whether the person is vaccinated and whether the effect of the vaccine continues, and unnecessary and repeated tests become history. Healthcare professionals efficiently monitor vaccines without wasting time with paperwork and lengthy registration procedures.


It enables the client and the service provider to share the responsibility.

The application matches the parent’s face image with the baby’s identity. A profile is created in the application downloaded to the parent’s phone. Thanks to Vacc2in, parents are automatically reminded about vaccination. The institution responsible for the follow-up of the baby / child can reach the family instantly via Vacc2In in case of missed appointments.


It instills business discipline with responsibility management and ensures that legal obligations are fulfilled perfectly.

It ensures that a certain number of patients are assigned to each attendant, so that the patients receive reminder messages when the vaccination days arrive. In this way, it becomes easier to communicate with families or patients themselves. Thanks to the authentication step in the application, it prevents the risks such as confusion of patient records and wrong treatments


Provides holistic service, collects vaccine records in a single center.

It ensures that the vaccine records of private health institutions and state hospitals are combined and kept in a way that cannot be lost and damaged. In this way, paramedics gain access to the records and errors such as dose repetition and incorrect dose administration are prevented. In addition, it synchronizes the information about the vaccine service that the patient receives in different institutions and prevents test repetition, allowing the institutional resources to be used efficiently and contributies to the performanceof the personnel. Vacc2In also allows a patient who has previously received vaccination service from a branch of the same institution to receive treatment from other branches without interruption and improves the service quality. In doing so, it makes sure that the health of other patients is not compromised. All over the world, with mobile vaccine control, dose tracking is done without waiting. Digital vaccination cards are created in seconds for countries that require vaccination at customs and passport points or visa application centers. These digital vaccination cards can be read from all over the world and the vaccines received and the validity status information of the vaccine can be viewed.


It enables multiple vaccination monitoring in daycare centers, schools and sports clubs.

Schools can access the digital vaccination cards for each student and check the vaccination schedule of their students. Sports clubs can monitor their athletes with Vacc2in both during travels and vaccinations due to injury.