Children First!

Inoculations during infancy protect the person from many diseases for years. It contributes to the healthy completion of the baby’s physical and mental development and also has an effect on the person’s health and resistance in adulthood. Missing one of these vaccines can cause health problems especially in babies whose immune systems are susceptible compared to adults that will affect their lifelong wellbeing. 


Thanks to Vacc2in’s vaccine tracking feature,

it can be easily determined whether the periodic vaccinations are properly received or the remaining number of vaccines and the health of our children is guaranteed.

The app sends parents automatic alert messages

as the baby’s vaccination date approaches, preventing missing and forgotten important vaccinations. By marking the vaccinations on the vaccination calendar, erroneous practices that may harm the health of children are prevented.

Better to complete!

Some vaccinations require multiple shots for full immunization and protection. In such cases, uncompleted treatment may fail to protect the patient and might have dire consequences. Each vaccination is done by district health directorates by communicating with the patient. and tracked with a hospital-issued vaccination card. However, if the patient relocates or loses the vaccination card, the number and dates of the shots may be confused and the patient may miss the vaccinations


Active steps

With Vacc2in, vaccination treatments consisting of multiple doses are followed regardless of the patient’s location and the institution from which he / she received the treatment. By downloading Vacc2in, you can track your vaccination appointments and take active steps to protect your health. The application allows the received doses to be marked on the vaccination calendar. You can prevent problems such as incorrect doses, skipping doses and repeating doses by showing this digital vaccination record at your institution.


Vacc2in, Your Digital Health Visa!

Vacc2in allows you to receive uninterrupted and tailored service without repeating the procedure in different health institutions. Thanks to Vacc2in, when patients who go to a new healthcare institution, will not be burdened with having a retest, answering pages of questions and being exposed to constant doubt, while institutions are free from unnecessary test kit expenses, time-consuming tests and an environment of constant tension. Patients can show their e-vaccination cards.i